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We are one of the largest and most innovative suppliers of contemporary custom headwear, apparel, uniforms, aprons, bags and accessories in the United States. We've been in business for over 29 years and can just about do it all. Our factories offer the latest technology; such as stain resistant materials, organic materials, RPET fabric, antimicrobial products, cutting edge embellishments and Licensed Camo. It's ok if you have not heard of us, but chances are you've seen our products. We can be found at Sporting Events, Amusement Parks, Restaurants, Trade Shows and many other businesses. Our goals include offering the best products at a competitive price and building partnerships with our customers.




2021 is our 30th year in business. 

It is impossible to celebrate the beginning of our 30th year without thinking of the past. 


We had humble beginnings. Just two young men who had a vision. That vision was backed by a desire, which was surrounded in energy, that pushed us to succeed. My lead partner was Howard Seegar. Most of you knew him. He passed years ago but his spirit can still be felt throughout the company. 


Howard and I decided, early on, to be very competitively priced and in wanting to do so we knew we had to go overseas. Early production in China was not easy. Communication was very difficult. There were no computers. Typewriter and fax machines were the high tech of the day. That rough beginning became a real gift. That factory, that we met thirty years ago, is still our factory today.  


They also have grown, and they understand what they need to do to have future success. They recently opened another factory in Vietnam and are now working on a facility in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Like every business there were bumps in the road. Recently its been tariffs. Now its a virus. But through it all there has been YOU. Your support of Head to Toe and our sister company AFS has always been there and for that we are truly grateful. 


There are many changes in the life of a company and that is expected and accepted, but thirty years with our partner factory, and all of you supporting us, is truly a blessing.



Gary Decker


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